What is the Orange Energy Solar Kit?

The Orange Energy service is offered in the form of a kit comprising a solar panel, an intelligent battery and accessories: 4 Led bulbs, a kit for recharging 5 telephones, a radio station, and an optional 24-inch television. (accessories may vary depending on the Orange operator for each country)

Installation, maintenance and repairs are provided by Orange.
The equipment is rented. The customer does not need a collateral or a bank account.

The service is aimed at both the general public and professional segments. Several formulas exist to adapt to the pace of life of the population: weekly, monthly and quarterly subscriptions.

Payment via Orange Money makes it possible to grant or restore the service for the desired duration.

And now, directly from the Transfert Pays website, members of the diaspora can remotely add days of electricity use to the kit for the benefit of the owner.


This offer is available locally from Orange operators

  • Orange République démocratique du Congo
  • Orange Côte d’Ivoire
  • Orange Sénégal
  • Orange Mali
  • Orange Burkina Faso
  • Orange Madagascar
  • Orange Sierra Leone
  • Orange Cameroun
  • Orange Centrafrique

Vos proches ne possèdent pas encore de kit solaire Orange Energie ?

Remplissez ce formulaire de renseignement pour que vos proches soient contactés par Orange RDC et prenez en charge les frais de souscription.

Offer electricity to your loved ones

logo orangeService available to Congo RD

How does it work?


Enter the country and the number of the account to be recharged


Select the amount of the topup


Register and pay with your credit card