What is international mobile credit transfer?

International Mobile Credit Transfer is a simple way to offer credit and keep in touch with your loved ones living abroad.

Why transfer mobile credit?


I can send a small amount from €3


I transfer credit when I want, to whom I want


The recipient receives credit right away

With Orange Top Up, enjoy the security of payments and the guarantee of the service provided.

Top up your SIM card when travelling

International Mobile Top Up is a simple way to add credit to a prepaid phone. It is useful for business travelers, expatriates and tourists for themselves, or for people willing to help relatives abroad.
X Select the country to which the topup will be sent:
Correct number format.
Before continuing, check all the digits carefully to avoid a mistake on the number

Available to many operators in Senegal, Mali, Ivory Coast, Congo, etc.

How does it work?


Enter the country and the number of the account to be recharged


Select the amount of the topup


Sign up and pay with your credit card